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W3Optimizer Algorithm Change Log

W3Optimizer undergoes changes every time based on new learnings, proven facts, feedback received etc., Listed below are some changes made after the initial launch.

Change Log:

Release Date Change Type Change Description
08/09/2009 New Feature, Bug Fix
  • New Features:
    1. Algorithm Tweaks based on new search engine changes observed
    2. Check Readability level of web page in both Onpage Analysis & Article Analysis.
    3. Robots.txt verification
    4. Export Option for SEOs - One click Export of SEO Report.
    5. One click export of Keyword Spy Report.
    6. Search Engine Snippet Simulator
    7. New User Interface Design
    8. Removed check for Italic Tag usage
  • Bug Fixes:
    1. "MySQL has gone away" bug fixed.
15/03/2009 New Feature
  • Top 10 competitor keywords spy
  • Check for Italic Tag usage
15/01/2009 New Feature
  • Shows total blog links to the target URL and Top 10 competitor URLs
12/01/2009 New Feature
  • OFF Page Optimization & Google Top 10 Competitor analysis Report
  • Changes in the SEO score wrt. the factor weightage
  • SEO Toolbar button for Google Toolbar
22/12/2008 New Feature, Bug Fix
  • View advanced details for Bold,Hx,Anchor,Image Tags.
  • Maximum limit of keyword in IMG ALT check is added.
  • Bug Fixed for incorrect reporting(in some cases) of Hx and IMG ALT attributes.
21/12/2008 New Feature Reports usage of 'rel="nofollow"' in the anchor tag. Search Engines(esp google) does'nt consider links with rel="nofollow" attribute for pagerank flow.
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