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Dont you wish to be Number 1 in Google? You be the Judge! If yes, our SEO tool is beside you.

W3Optimizer offers attractive, useful, cost-effective online SEO software for your search engine optimization campaigns.

W3Optimizer paid version will be discontinued in near future & we recommend SearchEnabler as alternate online seo software.

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Keyword Research
Google Top 10 Competitors Keywords Spy   Available
Google Keyword Competition   Available
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SEO for Article Writers, Raw Content Optimization Available Available
On-Page Analysis
On Page Analysis Limited Available
Off-Page Analysis & Competitive Intelligence
Google Top 10 Competitor Analysis   Available
OFF Page Analysis   Available
Search Engine Snippet Simulator   Available
Private Forum(Members Only)   Available
Total Queries & Reports Unlimited 3000 Credits/mo plan
40000 Credits/yr plan
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W3Optimizer paid version will be discontinued in near future & we recommend SearchEnabler as alternate online seo software.

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Genuine Search Engine Ranking Achievements Using W3Optimizer Online SEO Tool

  • W3Optimizer Ranking No 2


    Keyword: seo analysis online

    W3Optimizer Ranking No 2
  • W3Optimizer Ranking No 2


    Keyword: online seo report

    W3Optimizer Ranking No 2
  • Expertsforge.com Ranking No 2


    Keyword: javascript left

    Expertsforge.com Ranking No 2
  • W3Optimizer Ranking No 3


    Keyword: online seo analysis

    W3Optimizer Ranking No 3
  • QualityClicks.co.uk Ranking No 7


    Keyword: adwords management service

    QualityClicks.co.uk Ranking No 7

W3Optimizer Online SEO tool has helped many webmasters, SEO and including myself helping to improve the search engine ranking dramatically. The seo tool is very simple and easy to use that even a newbie webmaster can use it effectively and see the improvements in the search engine ranking.

The achievements shown above are very minor examples achieved through just optimizing the webpages! In SEO terms, they are long tail keywords with moderate competition. There are a lot more examples of Top 10 ranking of high competition keywords which are currently not disclosed due to the confidentiality agreement with our users.

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Listen to what our Happy Customers & SEO Experts say about W3Optimizer Online SEO Software!

I love it!

“ I love it! I use it while I'm building my sites so that I know where to make the tweaks it saves a ton of time and I love the new gold seo badge, it matches everything.

Overall the tools are easy and simple to understand I am new to this so I love it because I really didn't have to learn something new.”
Carolyn Horten

After using W3optimizer we are now on the first page for all of our main keywords

“ W3optimizer has really helped in raising our Organic ranking with Google. We had been on the second page for our main keywords for a long period of time without ever seeing an improvement, we didn't want to use a SEO agency or specialist however as we wanted to keep everything in-house and under our control. After using W3optimizer we are now on the first page for all of our main keywords and even in the top 5 positions for some of them!

For the keyword "Adwords management service" we used to be on the top of the second page, now try searching that keyword for yourself in Google.com and you should see www.qualityclicks.co.uk in fourth position!

I highly recommend using this magnificent tool as it does the same and more as an SEO agency could ever do for only a fraction of the price. ”
Scott Dunroe, Qualityclicks.co.uk

I have gone from page 43 in google up to page 5

“ I just had to write to you to say thanks again for that SEO software. I have gone from page 43 in google up to page 5 in a matter of about 3 or 4 weeks since I used it.
Keyword was 'wealthy affiliate' which has a 350,000 search competition in google when in "COMMAS" ”
Fergal, wealthyaffiliate-reviewer.com

It is informative, detailed & accurate

“ I really liked the seo report generated by this tool. It is an informative, detailed and accurate, plus easy to read format too. Two thumbs up from me :-) ”
John K, MyBestRatedWebhosting.com

W3Optimizer is an extraordinarily unique seo tool

“ W3Optimizer is an extraordinarily unique tool in an overly saturated ideology. With just a single-click you can get a customized SEO Report of your website, with crucially detailed statistics. Everything from META Tags to Keyword Visibility is covered in a compact, easy-to-read and accurate report. It even gives the little fun at the bottom, by rating your site with a given percentage. Higher the percentage, the better SEO work you've done. ”
Janith R, Blogussion.com
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