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Free SEO button to get LIVE SEO status of your webpage.Grab it today!

Just add the W3Optimizer Free SEO button to your webpage and get the SEO status(Red or Green) instantly. This will definitely help your webpage rankings in the search engines. Just copy and paste the below code in your webpage and there it goes.

Generate W3Optimizer Button Code
Select Button Type:

Select Button Type Button Sample Size Button Description
score_std SEO Score Button - Std 88x31 Display SEO percentage score
bar_std SEO Bar Button - Std 88x31 Display SEO score as a graphical bar
grade_std Seo Grade Button - std 88x31 Display SEO Grade - A+: Perfect, A: Excellent, B: Very Good, C: Attention, D: Forget It
SEO Button Code: Copy and Paste the below code in your webpage where the SEO Button should appear. The best place is the header/footer or the common file which is included in all important webpages in your site.
Why do you need an SEO Button for your webpage?
  1. It can help with webpage rank in search engines
  2. Live update on the SEO optimization for the webpage
  3. Show your visitors that the site is Search Engine Optimized
  4. and many more..

Free SEO Button For Your Website
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